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Summers ending, I’m finishing up homework, and schools about to push my family into super careful spending. However, we do have all my school costs covered. 

These tiny commissions are for myself so I can have a little bit of spending money to do the follow things:

  • Buy breakfast when needed
  • Buy webcomic related things and support people/things I enjoy
  • Have fun/food at the local festival to celebrate my towns wine and the harvesting about to begin.

Since I don’t ABSOLUTELY NEED MONEY LIKE CRAZY I’m keeping prices low so you can have enough money to support artists who really do need that money.

Prices and Examples under the cut!

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dukeapollo replied to your photo: “Aaand some things I did for my art shop on Gaia. First one’s my…”:
actually there’s a whole thing about how the left side of the face is considered more appealing so most artists wind up drawing people facing left

Huh! That’s actually pretty interesting.

Did not know that.

Aaand some things I did for my art shop on Gaia. First one’s my avatar.

(Boy, I sure do draw people facing the left a lot)…