I think I love Tiramisu way too much.

On another note about my art history teacher, who no one cares about, she’s not very good at like. General history.

I thought it was bad enough that she can’t even spell/pronounce certain words and names that we have to learn, but she just tried to teach us Roman history today. And fucked up so badly on Julius Caesar.

Like, she got a general idea of it, but anyone who doesn’t know about him would be really misinformed about what happened.

Also, she refused to talk about Nero because he was “distasteful.” lmfao.

I don’t understand why my art history teacher is making us watch documentaries that have nothing to do with art.

On the bright side, thanks to my history class, I’ve already seen most of this and don’t even need to watch it lmfao.

Did someone send me an ask??

I got a notification for one, but there’s nothing there.

I took some more photos, but the quality is even worse than these, so.

The Rei is jharjhar213 and the lovely lady with the Roxy is vesraen. uvu